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At Considine Biebel & Company, our success has come from a high level of trust earned from prudent management of project funds, proactive client communication, exceptional project coordination and delivering on what is promised.

Principles Paul Considine and Jerry Biebel have more than 60 years of combined experience with institutional, industrial and commercial construction projects. Our goal is to earn your trust right from the start.


Specializing in commercial projects means understanding how government, education, nonprofit, and public and private business projects are handled—from the bidding process to specialized safety requirements, from tight budgets to even tighter deadlines. Since 1996, Considine Biebel & Company has met those challenges for a variety of clients like General Electric, Saint Vincent Health Center, Erie County and the Erie School District.

Commitment to community.

We are committed to community. Wherever a project site is physically located, we always coordinate and hire local field labor. Not only does it make good business sense for the local economy, we also see efficiencies and benefits from the sense of pride and ownership that local skilled labor brings to a project.

Considine biebel building

CJL Engineering

"Considine Biebel & Company has been an excellent construction company to work with. Their attention to detail, problem solving, budgeting, adherence and completion of scheduling has been superb. We look forward to working on future projects with Considine Biebel & Company as project success is a certainty."

— Matthew R. Sotosky, P.E., Managing Partner, LEED Accredited Professional