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East and West Perry Square Renovations, City of Erie

Project Description

Mayor Joseph Sinnott visualized renovating the park at East and West Perry Square to become attractive green space where the people of Erie could meet and relax. Ten years later, Considine Biebel & Company worked in conjunction with Doug Mitchell, director of Public Works, and Jon Tushak, chief engineer of the city of Erie, to transform these two unique spaces into just that.

From the beginning, the West and East Perry Square projects were naturally connected, but each had unique plans and features. In West Perry Square, the old gazebo was removed and a new multi-use pavilion was installed. On the eastern portion of Perry Square, the original fountain — constructed in 1929 — was modernized with new programmable features including water displays and color patterns.

Across both West and East Perry Square, upgrades were made to open green spaces and the overall park layout, and the park’s dedication monuments were relocated. Architect Jeffrey Kidder of Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design worked on both projects. Throughout the project duration, CBC coordinated and collaborated with the city of Erie Parks and Recreation Department to ensure that major events like Roar on the Shore® and CelebrateErie could still take place despite construction. West Perry Square was completed in September 2015 and East Perry Square was finished in June 2016.


The East and West Perry Square projects had slightly different elements, yet blended together to create a peaceful and useful area that can accommodate multiple events.

Warner Theatre

“When you are doing historic restoration work, there are so many unknowns, and Considine Biebel offered us great solutions. It was a complicated project with unforeseen problems around every corner, and they did an outstanding job matching the workmanship of our historic building.”

— Casey Wells, ECCCA Executive Director


May 2015


June 2016


State Street, Erie Pa.



"The entire CBC team was professional, knowledgeable, and committed to delivering the best product for the city of Erie. Their cooperation with the city and its architect enabled everyone to efficiently resolve unforeseen conditions — together. Overall, CBC’s quality of work was instrumental in the stunning transformation of Perry Square."

— Doug Mitchell, Director, Department of Public Works, Property and Parks, City of Erie, Pa.